Behind the making

Behind the Making of a Watch Strap


 Handcrafted Watch Straps to Lust After  

If you're reading this, chances are you're a timepiece enthusiast with an appreciation for the finer things in life such as exquisitely and masterfully handcrafted leather watch straps. You're in good company. We've been passionately crafting watch straps to lust after for more than seven years. 

As watch aficionados, we know that a beautifully made strap is part of what can make a watch even more special. It can a transform a watch and give it many different looks as well as breathe new life into an old forgotten watch.




We choose our leather carefully. We buy leather from Australia, the USA, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. Many of these tanneries undergo very special tanning and finishing processes and have strict standards of quality and production. The hides we source from them are only available to us in very small quantities because of purposefully small sustainable production.

In a world so accustomed to mass production, and cutting corners, we’ve done the opposite. Every strap we make is a limited collection. Once the hides run out, the strap will quietly be retired from the collection, replaced by something new and better.




We also don’t cut corners, in fact it takes longer to make our straps now than ever before, that's because we keep discovering new ways to improve the quality. We’ve added padding, ultra fine edge finishing, lining and other improvements. It adds hours to the process, but it means our straps are the best they can be.

We train our artisans in-house. If you’ve seen any of our photos, you’ll know we use some really vintage and rare tools, not the sort of tools you can buy at a hardware store. Day by day we train our team. As they master one aspect of strap making we teach them something new.




Our range of watch straps are as diverse as the watches our customers wear. Some are fun, simple and casual. Some are complex, refined and pretty damn posh. Lots of people ask us why some watch straps cost more than others. The answer to that is simple, it’s mostly time and the rarity of certain leathers. If it takes us a lot longer to make, it will cost more.

We're currently working on our most luxurious high-end watch strap collection yet. They’re all built with some of the finest leathers produced by generations-old Italian, German and English tanneries renowned for producing superior exceptional leather, in small quantities. We sew the leather with French, German and Irish thread. These premium range straps are our most labor intensive and time consuming to produce, with some taking up to three hours to create with their complex construction methods and high detailed finish.

Watch this space for our next installment as we discuss in more detail other aspects behind the making of our watch straps. 

-Bas and Lokes