"Edison" Vintage Brown Handcrafted Leather Watch Strap

"Edison" Vintage Brown Handcrafted Leather Watch Strap

$85.00 USD

"Edison" Vintage Brown Handmade Leather NATO Watch Strap

An extraordinary watch strap to lust after. This is masterfully handcrafted fella is meticulously crafted from premium brown cow leather with an exceptional pull up. Meaning, it lightens in color to give it a superb vintage feel wherever it is creased or wrinkled. Carefully hand manipulated in all the right places to lend it a handsome vintage inspired look.

“Edison” is hand sewn with French tan waxed linen thread, has beautiful decorative edge grooving, small buckle holes, a slim buckle for a refined look and a single fixed keeper. Slick and luxurious. All our NATO straps are 11” long.

*Please note: While we do handcraft NATO straps in odd numbered widths, we don’t supply them with odd sized buckles. Instead, they will be fitted with even numbered buckles in next size up. For example, a 19mm NATO will be supplied with a 20mm buckle.

This leather watch strap is ready to ship and will be dispatched within 2-3 business days. All Bas and Lokes products are entirely hand crafted by us in our workshop in beautiful Sydney, Australia. We ship worldwide.