Leather Care



Five Tips For Caring For Your Leather


Many of the items we love and carry around on a daily basis are made of leather. Leather is luxurious and  long lasting. It will develop patina and a character of its own as it traverses through life with us. If leather is mistreated, it will show. Treat it well and it will reward you with many years of service. Here are five tips for caring for your leather goods

Clean off surface dirt
If your leather is starting to look dirty, take a damp cloth or clean t-shirt and use a product like saddle soap to gently clean it by rubbing in small circles. Take care not to rub on the stitching because this will cause the thread to fray. And never rub hard in any one spot as this can cause discoloration.
After your leather has dried, remember to apply a premium leather conditioner to replace the moisture it lost when it was cleaned.
Moisturize dry leather
We moisturize almost all of our leather products before we send them to you. With time though, leather can become dry especially if it has absorbed a fair bit of water. It’s important to moisturize it to prevent it from cracking or damage.
As important as it is to keep leather moisturized, take care in not over conditioning as this weakens the fibers and can also cause mildew to grow. It’s best to apply conditioner a little bit at a time by rubbing it in with your fingers or a soft cloth like a T-shirt or our microfiber cleaning cloth, being careful not to rub on the stitching as you don’t want it to fray or blobs of conditioner stuck in the holes. Let the leather absorb the conditioner a little, then wipe off excess with a cloth. Remember that some conditioners darken leather more than others, so make sure to test in an inconspicuous spot before applying to the entire item.
Scuffed leather
If your leather gets scuffed, just lightly rub the mark using your finger. Many times the natural oils in the leather will help buff out small scuff marks. Sometimes applying a tiny bit of conditioner on the spot and then wiping it off can help as well.
Dealing with wet leather
If your leather gets soaked, pat the leather with a dry cloth to absorb as much of the water. Next, lay it flat and let it dry slowly at room temperature. Never use a hair dryer, as speed drying can cause your leather to become dry and crack. Keep in mind that certain leathers can stain or discolor when wet. This is usually irreversible. Remember to condition your leather after it has fully dried to restore moisture and keep your leather looking vibrant. 
Cleaning suede
Suede is very delicate. To remove lint, dust and dirt from your strap, use a suede brush or soft, clean toothbrush and lightly brush over the surface of the suede to remove debris. Do not expose to water, excessive sweat or perfumes as stains from these cannot be removed from suede. Lightly spray with a suede protector from time to time to prevent light water absorption. 
Be sure to try our own premium leather conditioner blend to restore, protect and moisturize your leather.