"Murdoch" Burgundy Leather Watch Strap

"Murdoch" Deep Burgundy Padded Leather Watch Strap

$165.00 USD

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“Murdoch" Deep Burgundy Handcrafted Leather Watch Strap

Glad we got your attention with this one. Handsome strap, isn’t it? Pair this incredibly fine gent with your favorite watch for an instant transformation. 

“Murdoch” is uber handsome and has a very sophisticated flair. Meticulously handcrafted from premium American cow leather in a deep burgundy color with a black undertone. It also has a distinctive pull-up which means it lightens in color wherever it’s bent or creased. So when you wrap this fine fella around your wrist, you'll see the richness of the burgundy in a lighter tone. Uber smooth, extremely comfortable and made to perfectly hug the wrist. 

We were only able to source this leather in a very small quantity, therefore it will be a very limited edition, small batch production of these.

“Murdoch” is a true labor of love. Handcrafting this strap to fit your wrist and watch perfectly takes over 50 steps and several hours of care and precision to complete. An extraordinary watch strap to lust after. 

  • Made with deep burgundy American cow leather for durability, a smooth feel and total wrist-hugging comfort
  • Meticulously handcrafted using over 50 steps
  • Hand saddle stitched for a superior stitch that will never unravel
  • Tapered for a handsome aesthetic look
  • Padded for total comfort
  • Small buckle holes and a slim steel buckle for a refined look
  • Has two floating keepers for a secure fit
  • Perfect thickness of 4.5mm at the padding and 2.5mm at the edges for a refined look
  • Hand sewn with waxed blue German thread for durability, strength and good looks
  • Hand burnished edges for an impeccable finish
  • Bespoke and made to order to fit your wrist with perfection

 This leather watch strap is bespoke and made to order and will be dispatched within 7-10 business days. All Bas and Lokes products are entirely handcrafted by us at our workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Need assistance choosing the perfect size? Click here for our sizing help page.