Parallel Strap Tapering

Can you taper parallel width straps?

Yes! We can taper the majority of our parallel width straps with a few exceptions. Contact us first to see if the strap model you’re interested can be tapered. 

What do the tapered sizes mean?

Our tapered straps are different than our parallel width straps (which are the same width from the lug to the tail). Tapered straps start out wider at the lugs and typically narrow one size in the direction of the tail and the buckle. So for example, if your Rolex Sumbariner has a 20mm lug width and you want a tapered strap, then you would choose a 20/18 strap. This means the lug is 20mm wide and the buckle width is 18mm. Keep in mind that the higher number is the lug width (the end that attaches to your watch) and the smaller number is the buckle width.

Below are the width sizes we can taper our straps:

  • 20/18
  • 22/20
  • 24/22
  • 26/24
  • 28/24