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So glad you're here and want to know more about us.

Short story: We’re Bas and Lokes; designers and makers of masterfully handcrafted, bespoke leather goods to lust after.

Long story:  In December of 2009, at the height of the holiday season, Bas and Lokes launched its virtual store to the world. It happened during a very snowy and frigid winter evening from a small apartment in New York City, while listening to Christmas music and drinking "Coquito", a popular Puerto Rican holiday drink.

For the first few weeks of our existence, we were originally a father and daughter team with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion and talent for making things with their hands. Our main online catalog and product line at the time of our launch consisted of only eight watch strap styles that were made from Bas's parents kitchen table, that sold wildly as soon as we went live. 

Two weeks before going live to the world, Bas had flown home to NYC (where she is originally from) for a month, from Sydney, Australia (where she had been living for two years) to visit her family for the holidays. Before arriving, Bas called her father to inform him that during her stay they would learn to handcraft watch straps to dress up her growing vintage watch collection. Both of them had always been very skilled with their hands and undertaken many crafty projects over the years. Her father was nonetheless up for a new challenge.

Not long after arriving at her parents, surrounded by newly purchased tools and materials and armed with an array of different skills, Bas and her father set out to make the best watch straps they could. Every evening after he arrived from work, they'd sit at the table listening to music together and working til the late hours of the night making strap after strap, refining their technique with every attempt. Within a short time, the quality of their straps had greatly improved and quickly became something they were proud of.  

They had amassed a small collection of ready-made watch straps when Bas’s father urged her to sell them online. She listed seven of them on the first day and they all sold that night. Thrilled with the results, they continued crafting more straps and listing new ones daily over the course of a few days. After successfully doing this for over a week and pleased with having quickly sold all the watch straps they made during that time, Bas's father turned to her and said “keep doing what you’re doing because it looks like you have a new job.” Bas never looked back.

Several weeks later, Bas was back on a plane home to Sydney with luggage full of newly made watch straps and tools, a live online store open to the world and her mind focused on growing Bas and Lokes into what what we are today. 

We’ve come a very long way from those early days. One thing has always remained the same, we’ve always been insanely passionate about our craft and are obsessed with the details and in tireless pursuit of constantly refining what we do. We're proud of our achievements, but we never stop seeking to be the best we can be. It's our mission. We’re a small team (and a feisty mini brown poodle named Soda), with a growing collection of leather goods, we're always evolving and challenging ourselves.

We stand for and believe in way of doing things: exquisitely crafting products of excellence with precision that are a result of uncompromising quality and outstanding performance. Your Bas and Lokes products will evolve with you, stand up to daily wear and develop their own character over time.

We have been selling to a steadily growing fan base of some of the most amazing customers worldwide and making friends in all parts of the globe. Our products are sought after by many watch collectors and individuals with a passion for elegant and artisanal quality leather goods made in limited editions.

Thanks so much to every past and future customer for your support. We wouldn't be where we are without you. And a shout out to all of those incredible blogs, magazines and newspapers who have featured us on their websites and pages. We love you.

Bas and Lokes