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New York City - The Beginning (As Told By Bas)

In December of 2009, Bas and Lokes opened its virtual doors to the world. It happened on a snowy winter evening in a small apartment in New York City, while listening to Christmas music and sipping "Coquito", a Puerto Rican holiday drink. We were originally a daughter and father team with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for all things handcrafted.

Weeks before our online launch, I flew home to New York City (where I’m from) for a month from Sydney, Australia to visit family for the holidays. Before arriving, I called my father to say that during my stay we’d learn to handcraft leather watch straps to dress up my watch collection. I’m a woman that loves my shoes to match my bag, match my accessories, match my get the picture. My pops and I always enjoyed working with our hands and were excited about embarking on a new creative venture together. 

Bas and Lokes Is Born

Not long after arriving at my parent’s place, armed with newly acquired tools and materials, we set out to make the best watch straps we could. Every evening after he arrived from work, we’d sit at the kitchen table listening to music, talking and working til the late hours of the night making strap after strap, playing with different designs and refining our technique with every attempt. 

Within a short time, the quality had become something we were proud of. We had amassed a small collection of ready-made watch straps that I photographed and added to our newly created website. They all sold within 24 hours. We knew immediately we were on to something. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Several weeks later, my father continued on with his day job and I was back on a plane home to Sydney with a carry-on bag full of freshly made products, a thriving online store and the dream of growing Bas and Lokes into a successful brand. 


Sydney - Present Day

We’ve come a long way from those early days. Today, we're a small creative team, based out of Sydney, Australia. We are Jade AKA Bas, Katarina, Leo, a feisty mini brown poodle named Soda, and a few other superstar support team that help things run smoothly behind the scenes. 

We’re proud of our achievements, but never stop seeking to learn new things every day. We’re on a tireless pursuit of constantly refining what we do and growing our brand. We’re always evolving and challenging ourselves to create products of excellence with precision and uncompromising quality that are handsome as hell and brilliantly crafted for you.   


You - Our Raving Fans

We’re proud to have a growing fan base of some of the most interesting customers worldwide and making friends in all parts of the globe.

Thanks so much to every past and present customer for the love. We wouldn't be where we are without you. And a shout out to all of those incredible blogs, magazines and newspapers who have featured us on their websites and pages. We love you.