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Bas and Lokes Is Born

Not long after arriving at my parent’s place, armed with newly acquired tools and materials, we set out to make the best watch straps we could. Every evening after he arrived from work, we’d sit at the kitchen table listening to music, talking and working til the late hours of the night making strap after strap, playing with different designs and refining our technique with every attempt. 

Within a short time, the quality had become something we were proud of. We had amassed a small collection of ready-made watch straps that I photographed and added to our newly created website. They all sold within 24 hours. We knew immediately we were on to something. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Several weeks later, my father continued on with his day job and I was back on a plane home to Sydney with a carry-on bag full of freshly made products, a thriving online store and the dream of growing Bas and Lokes into a successful brand.