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How to change a watch strap - Bas and Lokes
Changing out your watch strap is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes at most. After you do it once, you’ll be able to do it over and over again in seconds. 
In a nutshell: To remove a strap, you’ll need to remove the spring bars that rest inside the strap using your removal tool. Spring bars are spring loaded and have little ridges at each end that the tool grips on to to pull away. Each end of a spring bar rests securely inside tiny holes in your watch’s lugs. Your mission if you choose to accept it will be to gently wedge the tool between the side of the strap and the lugs pull the spring bar away from the lugs to remove. THIS IS SUPER EASY. You've got this!
Things you’ll need to get this job done:
How to change a watch strap - Bas and Lokes
Let’s do it!
You’ll want to rest your watch face side down on our premium cleaning cloth or a t-shirt. 
Step 1: Hold your watch with one hand for support with the back side facing you. With your other hand, hold the spring bar tool and insert its fork gently between your strap and watch lug. 
Step 2: Feel for the ridge on the spring bar. Using gentle pressure, grip onto the ridge and compress the spring bar by pulling inwards toward the strap and away from the lug.
Step 3: As you start to compress the spring bar with the tool, apply gentle measured pressure on the strap from behind with a finger and slowly pull the spring bar away from the hole with the tool. Do this with controlled pressure as you don’t want the spring bar to shoot across the room.
Step 4: Repeat with the other strap and you’re all done! Slide the spring bars out of your old strap and keep them so you can re-use them with your new strap. 
Mission accomplished!
Welcome to the world of handcrafted watch straps. You’ll now be able to match your straps to your wardrobe and favorite accessories.
How to change a watch strap - Bas and Lokes