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Cartier Tank Solo Watch Straps (5 Straps That Set It Off)

9th Sep 2023

Cartier Tank Solo Watch Straps - A Watch Made For Strap Lovers

I recently acquired a Cartier Tank Solo, and let me tell you, I am absolutely infatuated with it. To say that I am crushing hard on it is an understatement. It exudes elegance and timelessness in a way that is truly captivating.

I take pleasure in wearing my Cartier Tank Solo on special occasions such as evenings at the symphony or other formal events. However, what truly excites me is the ability to pair it with different straps to create a more elevated casual look on the weekends. It's all about achieving that perfect balance of casual elegance, a modern twist on sophistication.

As makers of handcrafted watch straps, we have paired nearly every strap we've created with the Cartier Tank. And let me tell you, the Solo is a true watch strap monster. It effortlessly complements and enhances the appearance of every strap it encounters. This watch was made to be worn with a variety of different watch straps, allowing for daily swapping and endless possibilities.

Let's explore five options we think are perfect Cartier Tank Solo watch straps

1. "Lachlan" Russet Watch Strap

The rich hues of the "Lachlan" russet watch strap exude a casual elegance that beautifully complements the Cartier Tank Solo's handsome white dial. This strap effortlessly transitions from dressing up to dressing down, adding a touch of French sophistication to any outfit choice.

2. "Cyrus" Marine Blue Watch Strap

For those days when you want to embrace a dress casual vibe, the "Cyrus" Marine Blue Watch Strap is the ideal choice. The blue shade harmonizes perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans, while the Cartier Tank Solo elevates the entire look with its timeless charm. It's a match made in heaven, especially considering how the blue strap seamlessly matches the dial's blue hands.

3. "Latham" Vintage Brown Watch Strap

Prepare to be mesmerized by the combination of the "Latham" Vintage Brown Watch Strap and the Cartier Tank Solo. This versatile strap pairs effortlessly with both brown and black shoes, showcasing your attention to detail when it comes to coordinating your accessories. With its vintage aesthetic and warm tan stitching, this strap adds a touch of nostalgia to the dial, completing the overall look.

4. "Blomqvist" Grey Ostrich Watch Strap

Sleek, sexy, dressy, casual, and elegant—these are just a few words to describe the "Blomqvist" Grey Ostrich Watch Strap. The epitome of luxury, this strap allows for diverse outfit choices, making it suitable for various occasions. We adore the cool tones and how the blue keeper perfectly aligns with the blue hands on the dial. Whether dressed up or down, as shown in the photo with blue jeans, this strap effortlessly exudes sophistication.

5. "Oscar" Black Ostrich Watch Strap

When it comes to pure luxury, the "Oscar" Black Ostrich Watch Strap takes the spotlight. It's the ultimate choice for any formal event, exuding class and elegance. However, don't underestimate its ability to elevate a dress casual attire with jeans. The intricate details of the scales, thread color, and warm gloss demand attention, while allowing the timepiece itself to shine as the centerpiece.

Bonus strap - "Arnault" Purple Watch Strap.

This exceptional purple leather watch strap is known for its fun and versatile nature. Its bright blue thread adds a subtle dash of color, making it a ravishing choice for formal settings when paired with a dark grey, blue, or black suit. For a more elegant casual look, simply combine it with dark jeans, your favorite pair of shoes, and a top that complements the ensemble.

An extraordinary watch like the Cartier Tank Solo deserves an extraordinary bespoke strap.

By investing in a new strap, you can instantly transform your watch, giving it a fresh and rejuvenated feel every day. It's like wearing a new timepiece with each strap change, allowing you to express your personal style and mood. Come visit us at to see our large range of bespoke handcrafted watch straps.

An interesting tip

Did you know that all our watch straps come fitted with a quick release system as standard? This convenient feature allows you to install and remove your strap in seconds without any tools or the stress of worrying about scratching your beloved timepiece.